A Home and Lifestyle Made for Millennials


You might be (a millennial) living in a manufactured home community if:

1. You are a homeowner! For about the same cost (or less) of renting a basement suite you can own your own home. Seriously.

2. The latest organic gardening tips are flooding your Instagram — because you have a garden. You can invite your apartment-dwelling friends over to feel your earth — and then feed them from your harvest. After all, your homeownership costs are likely less than theirs.

3. You know (and like!) your neighbours. Manufactured home (MH) communities are just that — communities. Many MH communities distribute newsletters and hold barbecues and other events that support harmony and a sense of neighbourliness.

4. You bookmarked where all the good off-leash areas are, and you and your fur-baby meet your muttly mates regularly. While most apartments and rentals do not allow pets, many manufactured MH communities welcome them.

5. You have a well-inked passport. Many manufactured home owners choose this affordable lifestyle specifically so that they can travel. And as a bonus, while you are away there is probably a neighbour or community manager watching your place for you while you are away.

Margot Mallicot is the President of the Manufactured Home Park Alliance of British Columbia and is passionate about the manufactured home community lifestyle.

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