Why Manufactured Homes are a Great Choice for Millenials


Millennials may have become a driving force in many part of society, but home ownership is still proving elusive for North America’s largest population segment. According to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, it now takes a substantially higher median income for young families to afford homes than two decades ago.  Even rental homes are proving out of reach for this generation.

SOURCE: With today’s customization options, mobile homes increasing reflect the personal style expression many millenials seek.

SOURCE: With today’s customization options, mobile homes increasing reflect the personal style expression many millenials seek.

Reason #1: Manufactured Homes Are Attainable

In many parts of British Columbia, new manufactured homes sell for$150,000 (without land), while site-built houses sell for $600,000. The huge difference in price clearly indicates that buying a manufactured home, even with land, is significantly less expensive than purchasing a comparable site-built home.

One of the reasons is that manufactured homes are built in factories where manufacturers can strictly control all the aspects of the construction process, using standardized end-to-end manufacturing operations which prevent pricey mistakes and avoid weather delays. Furthermore, most manufacturers purchase materials in bulk. All these factors lead to economies of scale, which contribute to lower sales prices.

Reason #2: Manufactured Homes are Quality Homes

Manufactured homes are built with high-quality materials and installed according to strict standards, just as site-built construction. Designed with the millennial customer in mind, today’s manufactured homes are also aesthetically pleasing and look similar to their traditionally constructed counterparts.

When buying a manufactured home, buyers can choose from different floor plans, from minimalist spaces to luxurious. And even though most manufactured homes are built based on existing floor plans, manufacturers customization options are available the personal style and needs of every millennial home buyer.

Inviting porches, brick or stone masonry, beautiful windows, and high-end details accompanied by gorgeous landscaping are just some of the features that can add curb appeal and give manufactured homes the same look and feel as site-built construction. The inside of a manufactured home can also be customized with many different amenities, including vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, granite countertops, elegant bathrooms and stylish floors.

Reason #3: Manufactured Homes are Built to Last

Manufactured homes are just as durable as traditional site-built homes. Besides being built with CASA-approved materials and according to provincial and national codes, these homes are attached to permanent foundations that must comply with strict installation standards.

During the installation process, home sections (roof, walls and floors) are aligned, joined together, supported and sealed along the marriage line to provide a solid structure that can withstand any environmental stressors. Built for a lifetime of safe and comfortable living, modern manufactured homes can last as long as conventional site-built construction, if they are properly maintained.

Reason #4: Manufactured Homes Appreciate in Value

Contemporary manufactured homes are sturdily built and their market value increases when home values increase in a specific area, just as traditionally built homes do, allowing homeowners to build equity.

Reason #5: Manufactured Homes Are Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Millennials are more environmentally and socially conscious than previous generations. What’s more, they’re constantly looking for ways to save some money. Manufactured homes offer a housing option that doesn’t only involve less construction waste and better use of resources compared to conventional homes; they can also be equipped with intelligent, eco-friendly features like low-E windows, programmable thermostats, cool roofs, upgraded insulation and many more. In fact, many manufactured homes are Energy Star rated, which proves their energy efficiency.


A manufactured home is smart investment alternative for today’s millennial home buyers. With freedom of choice, space to grow and quality of life, manufactured homes are within reach.


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