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Here are the top four reasons more and more Baby Boomers are choosing manufactured homes.

1. More style and quality

For the Baby Boomer generation, whose tastes have been formed by home networks like HGTV, style and quality matter when it comes to choosing a home. Today’s manufactured homes are big on both. Highly customizable with designer finish options and quality construction, these are homes you’ll be happy to show off to friends and family.    

2. Less stress on your bank account

If you’re like most boomers, you are retired, or thinking of retiring or cutting back on work. That means cutting back on expenses. Compared to site-built homes, manufactured homes are lower in cost and far more financially attainable — and financially sustainable. Manufactured homes in Canada and the U.S. typically cost less than half as much as new site-built housing construction. Owning a manufactured home is also less expensive than most rentals — and it belongs to you and only you!

3. Greater sense of community

Moving into a manufactured home community means you you can downsize without giving up the things you would have to give up if you chose a condo — things like your driveway, your backyard and your detached walls. Plus, living in a manufactured home community means you are close enough to neighbours to feel a sense of security and form neighbourly relationships, but still have the privacy of your own home. In fact, many manufactured home communities have social clubs and group activities as a way to connect neighbours.

4. Better Options for Aging in Place 

Most Canadians want to be able to grow older in their own homes. In 2013, a survey conducted by RBC found that, given the option, 83% of us would prefer to keep living at home. The right home can make that possible. Unlike site-built homes that often have steep stairs, bathrooms prone to slip-and-falls, manufactured homes are generally offer one-level living and can easily be fitted with ramps to avoid stairs making it a suitable home for people through all stages of their retirement years.

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