Keep it on the Level

When a manufactured home “settles,” you may notice objects, such as marbles, tend to roll to one side or the other.

As a manufactured home settles over time, it’s possible that it could become unlevel. Some of the reasons may include:

  • settlement of the home in the first year as the ground responds to the new weight
  • a channel of water under the home that strips away soil
  • organic matter, such as the root system of a dead tree, that decays over time, causing the surrounding soil to fill in around the decaying area.
  • home additions that put extra weight on the frame.

Is Your Home Level?

Signs your home may require levelling include the appearance of cracks; doors or windows that are hard to open or stuck; and the feeling that your home is tilting to one side (in fact, it may actually look uneven). Floor creaks and water that pools on one side are other signs your home may be in need of help.

If a you suspect your home requires levelling, there are leveling kits for do-it-yourselfers, but this is usually a job best left to experts for both your own safety and the safety of your home.

How to Move Forward

A qualified home leveller will remove any skirting, enter the crawlspace and, starting at the center of the support beam, check the alignment with a water level, and mark areas that aren’t level. To find a home-levelling expert, ask your dealer or other manufactured home owners you trust. Always check credentials and references, and do get a written quote.

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