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Best Home Design and Decor Apps 2019


1. Try On Wall

Not sure what how to arrange art on your wall? Try On Wall will inspire you with artful choices. Just take a photo of your proposed backdrop and then place images on it virtually. You can even shop for art within the app. IOS.

2. MagicPlan

MagicPlan simplifies the tedious process of measuring and sketching floor plans. Just use your phone’s camera to take photos and create floor-plan layouts. Having them in an app means they are handy when you’re shopping for everything from furniture to flooring to  wallpaper. IOS and Android.

3. Color911

Color911 includes hundreds of colour palettes chosen by color consultant and blogger Amy Wax. You can also create custom palettes too. Not sure which cushions or carpet works with your new emerald green sofa? You can also upload photos of an item or room and the app will identify complementary colors. $3.99 on iOS

4. iHandy








There’s nothing worse than thinking your painting or towel bar is level, then pounding int he nail to discover you measured wrong! iHandy is a handy little app that is the digital version of a carpenter’s level, perfect for hanging anything straight the first time. $1.99 on iOS and Android.

5. Color Capture







This Color Capture app from Benjamin Moore allows you to take a picture of anything that inspires you then match the color to one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500 paint options. Share your colors with friends through Facebook and Twitter to get a second opinion, or through e-mail to coordinate with your interior designer. Free on iOS and Android.

6. Pinterest

When you’re seeking for home decor ideas, Pinterest is ideal for any home project. Easily search for ideas, create mood and idea boards. It’s far easier than ripping photos from magazines! Free on IOS and Android.

7. Houzz

CNN has named Houzz the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.” Whether you are building, remodeling or decorating. Houzz lets you browse more than 18 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors. Choose by style, location or room. Save and share photos with friends and home professionals. There’s so much more, including the Sketch feature to write or draw directly on photos from Houzz. Wondering what that sofa would look like in your living room? Select the View in My Room 3D feature and use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to see 1 million 3D products would look in your space. Free on IOS and Google Play.

These apps simply the process of interior design and make it fun too. Happy decorating!




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