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6 Great Reasons to Add a Porch or Deck


One of the best ways to personalize your manufactured home, expand your living space and boost your curb appeal and home value is to add a deck or a porch.

#1 Add style and shade

Manufactured homes can easily go beyond basic with the addition of porches and decks. The lat style roof on this wooden deck looks stylish and provides some coverage from the sun without totally blocking the light. Note how the addition of cedar shakes to the front of the homes ties in with the deck to create a unified design that is pleasing to the eye.

#2 Connect your home to your yard for seamless living

Ever feel cut off from your yard because getting there from your home is so awkward? A tiered deck is a great way to provide a smooth transition from indoors to out — and to create multiple areas for everything from relaxing to barbecuing to play with the kids.

#3 Add character to your manufactured home

Whether your taste is country-chic or urban-sleek, a covered porch with railings adds character to your manufactured home. For the design of the pale yellow home shown below, simple white railings tie in with the home’s trim, giving it the crisp but charming look of a country cottage.

#4 Create a sense of welcome

A front porch is the perfect transition point between the outside world and your home, creating a sense of welcome and giving your visitors shelter as they come and go in all kinds of weather. A porch also reduces the effects of sunlight and rain and snow on your entry door, trim, hardware, trim and outdoor lighting  and may help reduce your energy bills in warmer months.

#5 Boost your privacy

Rather than taking on the expense of fencing your entire yard, adding a privacy screen around your deck is less expensive and it’s perfect for those times when you really don’t want to see the your neighbours, no matter how wonderful they may be!

#6 Increase your home’s value.

Along with making your home’s curb appeal more attractive to potential buyers, decks and porches are great returns on investment because they add value, both real and perceived. Of course, the amount you will want to invest in your deck may depend may depend on whether your home is on leased land or land you own.

Where to Begin

Popular deck materials, especially in the Pacific Northwest regions of the U.S. and Canada, include cedar, treated pine, composite and vinyl. The material you opt for should be based on the following:

  • architectural appearance
  • your budget
  • the right material for your climate
  • usability and durability expectations
  • building code.

Before you build, always check with the park owners before embarking on owner built additions and ensure you comply with the rules of your community and the building code. Do consult experts before attaching any extensions to your manufactured home to avoid damage or safety issues. For ideas and templates, a great resource, offering hundreds of templates, is decks.com.

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