5 Myths About Manufactured Home Living


There are a lot of myths out there about manufactured home living that date back to the 60s and 70s. But today’s homes feature sophisticated building technologies, stylish designs and an attainable, increasingly popular way of life.

MYTH #1: Manufactured homes aren’t built to the same high quality as site-built homes.

FACT: Manufactured homes built to the exacting standards of the Canadian Standards Association Group in Canada and the Minimum Property Standards (HUD) system in the U.S.  They are high quality and are built to last for the same time period as any other form of housing. In fact, manufactured homes use most of the same materials used in site-built homes.

MYTH #2: Manufactured homes are for low-income people.

FACT: Manufactured homes just like site-built homes and condos, are for everybody: tech employees, blue-collar workers, artists, downsizers, families, singles, millenials and retirees of all income levels. Some manufactured homes are decidedly affordable, some are worth a fortune. Case in point: Montauk Shores, a New York manufactured home community with million-dollar listings, billionaire residents, and a parking lot filled with six-figure cars. However, manufactured home communities come in all shapes, sizes and price points. The stereotype is just that — a stereotype.

Montauk Shores in the Hamptons is defying the stereotypes.

MYTH #3: Manufactured homes cannot be customized.

FACT: Manufactured homes today come in a variety of styles and sizes and can indeed be customized to imprint your own style on your new home. Choose your favourite floor plan, exterior colours, windows, countertops, flooring and more, just as you would with a site-built home. And once your home is built, you can continue to customize by adding rooms, decks, pitched roofs, and changing up the interior with new flooring or even an entirely new kitchen.

MYTH #4: It’s hard to get a home loan for a manufactured home.

FACT: In Canada, if you own a manufactured home and keep it on leased or rented land, your home is considered your personal property, known as chattel, rather than real estate. A chattel loan is backed by movable personal property, such as your manufactured home. That means your home requires a form of financing available with insurance available through insuring agencies such as the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. However, if you own the land and your manufactured home is fixed on the land, it could be considered real estate and mortgage financing may be available. Consult your mortgage broker or financial institution.

MYTH #5: Manufactured homes are not energy-efficient.

FACT: Many people are caught up in stereotypes from 40 years ago when factory-built construction was nowhere near as efficient as it is today. The average manufactured home is built with gypsum drywall that allows the wall to be more than four inches thick. In between the walls sits highly rated insulation, similar to a single-family home. These high insulation standards can help lower utility bills and keep the house quiet from outside noise. Many manufactured homes, such as those from SRI Homes in Western Canada, have standard Low E/Argon windows and high efficiency furnaces. Other energy efficient items such as tankless hot-water systems and solar solutions can be added.

Featured photo courtesy of Maximum Modular.

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