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3 Wonderful DIY Wall Treatments


Being a blogger who lives in a mobile home, I tend to get a lot of mobile home related emails and questions about renovating them. I don’t particularly write this blog for mobile home folks, per say. I try to share my ideas on how to make the most of whatever home you have. While we could easily afford a real house, it wouldn’t be in the same place where I live now, and there’s no place on earth I’d rather live. So we just make the most of what we have and do our best to bring our vision of home to life.

Bead board adds texture and character to walls. Photo: The Shabby Creek Cottage

1. Bead Board

Let’s start with what we use the most: bead board walls (shown above). We have covered about 75% of the walls in our house with ply bead, and I’ve shared before how we install bead board walls. It’s not the cheapest option, but it is my favorite.
Because mobile homes don’t have a lot of character, this adds tons of it. Plus they help insulate better and sound proof, both of which are issues mobile home owners have issues with. It costs on average about $600 per room to do this – but if you think about the energy savings from the additional protection of the walls, it’s really worth it. Plus, let’s face it — it’s pretty. I’m all about some pretty.

Corrugated metal is an inexpensive and trendwise way to freshen your walls. Photo: The Shabby Creek Cottage

2. Corrugated Metal

In our laundry room, we kind of ran out of budget, but found a KILLER deal on some metal roofing, so we installed it on one wall. The whole wall was less than $40 to do (including trim), and it went up faster than bead board. On top of that, it doesn’t need to be painted. Can you say win/win?

Plank walls bring character to this manufactured home bedroom. Photo: The Shabby Creek Cottage

3. Planking

The last (and most recent) wall treatment we’ve added is plank walls. We have them as a focal wall in our bedroom and love the rustic quality it lends, even though these days I’m trying to take a more modern approach (juxtaposition is one of my favorite things.)

I’m sure there’s probably eleven million other ways to cover walls without breaking the bank, these ideas are ones I’ve actually used and can tell you with experience that they work. Do you have to live in a mobile home to use them? Absolutely not! If you’re looking to add a little something extra to a space, wall coverings can go a long way, baby!



Story and photo credit: Special thanks to Gina Luker, a writer, blogger and photographer at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

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